About Lila Walter

Student and aspiring fashion designer, Lila Walter, of Alexandria, Va, has always had a passion for fashion. At a very young age, Lila began putting together her own outfits, featuring rhinestones and lots of pink. Over the years, as she received many different compliments on her “cutting edge” style, Lila Walter decided to make a career of her passion.

Starting in early January of 2018, Lila joined Poshmark, a digital marketplace designed for people to buy or sell new and used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Within a years time, Lila Walter confirmed her knack for fashion and sales by gaining over a thousand followers. Majoring in fashion merchandising as an undergraduate, Lila plans to continue in the fashion industry with one main goal in mind: create her own fashion line to sell in her own store.

While her passion for fashion is her main drive, Lila Walter wants her designs to inspire others to see themselves as perfect beings they are. Follow along as Lila Walter makes a name for herself in the fashion industry.